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Birthday Glam Shoots…

is a Makeover and Photoshoot experience for birthday Queens who want to take  time out to celebrate their self, feel and look glamorous, want to be the most pampered & important person in the world, and most of all want those magazine style photos to remember this special occasion.

Birthday Glam Shoots was started by Two Professionals, JoJo and Dare who wanted to create a fun, glamorous birthday VIP experience for women celebrating their birthday.

Hey Birthday Queen! You’re here because your birthday is around the corner again and you are craving to do something different, something fun, something glamorous! Why not a birthday glam shoot?! Your birthday only comes around once a year, and you Deserve to be able to celebrate you! At Birthday Glam Shoots we offer a glamorous photoshoot on-location or in- studio with Pro makeup included, not to mention you get to have Hi-End Magazine Ready Images of yourself to keep forever.

Meet Josephine

Hey Queens,  I’m JoJo with over 12 years of photography experience capturing women in their best light. From the moment I picked up a camera as a teenage girl and started taking pictures of all the girls in my neighborhood and school. I quickly realized that God gave me a gift to see beauty in everyone and to be able to capture it.   I’ve been the go-to photographer, even for women who feel so awkward in front of a camera.  I give guidance and pose coaching during my photo sessions and I know all the tricks to accentuating one’s beauty and minimizing the unflattering parts through camera.

For me, growing up I’d look at magazines and think these were the most beautiful women in the world, they were so flawless!  I’d think I wasn’t beautiful at all because I looked nothing close to them. My skin was far from perfect, my nose wasn’t straight, my body type did not have these curves.  Eventually, as I got older, I learned the magic of photography and photo editing, I learned that NO ONE IS PERFECT and that YES the women in those magazines are beautiful, but they aren’t perfect. So I had my ah-ha moment that ANYONE can look flawless like the women in the magazines, we are all our own kind of beautiful and we need to be reminded of that at times.  So for most it takes having that drop dead gorgeous photo of ourself on our wall to just remind us everyday that we ARE freaking Gorgeous! Just like the girls in the magazines.

So why birthday glam shoots? “I feel that we should be allowed to have at least One day out of the year where we  are celebrated and spoiled! Why not?  365 days is usually all about everyone else (our work, our family, etc.) . We all deserve a birthday glam experience! “ ~JoJo

Meet DareShawn

Hello Gorgeous!

My name is DareShawn, better known as Dare. I have been a Professional Makeup Artist for the last 8 years. I have worked with many women from all walks of life, different ethnicities and professions.

I am passionate about helping women find their true beauty locked on the inside. My mantra is ” U will Become the MORE Gorgeous U”. I truly believe that every single woman has potential to become more gorgeous than she already is.

I, too, started out as a child, flipping through and studying magazines while sitting around the hair salon where my mother worked as a full time hairstylist. Some days I would sit at the salon for hours until my mother got off and I had nothing else to do except read a magazine. I admired all of the beautful women that graced the pages of those hair magazines and I would be so intrigued with how their faces were perfectly symmetrical and colored. I was also an artist as a child so I would spend my spare time drawing their faces. I wanted to be on the cover of a magazine so badly or at least be apart of it somehow.

Nowadays, I am walking in my passion & purpose to help women all over the world look and feel extra beautiful from the inside out!

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Birthday Love

Love Love Love my bday glam!  Thank you @eyedareumakeup and @josephinecphotography for an awesome birthday photoshoot experience!! You did a phenomenal job! Thank you for all of my gifts and putting so much thought into making sure I felt special! Mission accomplished!

Testimonials 1
Natasha Bonds, FL

Such a pleasant experience working with Josephine. She was so patient, creative and passionate about capturing my best shots. She brought me out of my comfort zone and although a little apprehensive the shots were breathtaking. I also loved the fact that she suggested poses for me to do which is a major struggle for me when taking pictures. Thanks again Josephine! God bless you and all your endeavors!

Dareshawn has been my MUA for almost 5 years and I have never been disappointed. Dare not only brings out outer beauty but she ministers to your inner beauty too. Her professionalism and passion is admirable. From television, to photo shoots, to elegant events or even a simple party, I trust Dare with it all! Her versatility is amazing!

Testimonials 2
Lady Jocelyn Williams, FL
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